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In today's hypercompetitive market you need every advantage you can get.

You and your staff may have decades of experience, decades of business records and decades of market research but most of it is just sitting in people's heads and on people's hard drives not doing your company any good.

With Automated Data Mining, Expert Systems and Neural Simulators, Rocketship Software has the technology you need to take full advantage of the information you already have.

Automated Data-Mining
Our proprietary systems can extract useable data from large quantities of continuous stream text with an accuracy approaching that of human reading! Automatic data entry and cross-referencing systems can input massive quantities of data, seek out inherent relationships and link relevant information without human intervention. Our systems can plow though gigabytes of documents per hour, converting text to data and finding correlating information that you didn't even know you had.

Expert Systems
Your years of experience can be digitized.
Our Expert Systems can take the knowledge that you have acquired over the decades of your career and package it for others. Data is collected from one or more experts in a given field, then arranged into branching information structures called Trees. Overlapping Trees form a Forest of knowledge about a topic. Multiple Forests form the completed Expert System. An advanced customized browser enables an End User to navigate though the Forests, acquiring the knowledge and making decisions in approximately the same manner as the original experts.

Neural Network Pattern Recognition
Software that learns.
Neural Network Simulators are computer models of working biological brains. While far less sophisticated than human brains, these systems can learn from both training and from experience. They can be used for pattern-recognition (visual, audio or alphanumeric), for complex classification problems and even simple forms of prediction. Neural Simulators are used every day all over the world for things like speech recognition, text recognition, biometric identification, investment analysis and even autopilots and satellite photo reconnaissance.

Rocketship Technologies can bring these abilities to your business and create a Neural Network Simulator designed around your needs. If you have any statistically significant dataset that demonstrates any sort of cause-and-effect relationship,no matter how complex, we can build a Neural Solution that will analyze that relationship, learn to classify the various situations and accurately predict similar effects, when presented with similar causes. You don't even have to really understand these relationships themselves, as long as they exist in the dataset.

Rocketship Technologies  AI Systems can help you turn data into knowledge, and turn knowledge into action.

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