What is REx/A.I.?
by Ben Margolis (really)

REx is a fully functional build of OpenAI’s GPT with additional knowledge and instructions (as I write this, we are using GPT-3.5-Turbo, but that will change), he will answer any question on any topic, and can even help your children with their homework assignments, but after he’s done with that, he will want to discuss Rocketship Technologies products and services. Its just how he’s built

REx/A.I. is also an example of command and control. REx is what happens when GPT shows up for work, punches the clock and puts on the company shirt. He knows things (specifically about our company) that other AI systems do not know. He stays on topic, he’s more resilient to distractions, and seems to actually want to sell Rocketship Technologies products and services.

And REx/A.I. is an example of OpenAI API connections, server-side GPT hosting and redirection, as well as portable code and in-line frames. What that means is that REx is redistributable. We can put a REx-type salesbot on any website with just a one line of code. We host the bot for you, we train it, and our servers keep logs of all the conversations for you.

SpacemanDeliversBot450What is AI/DB?
AI/DB is another project underway at Rocketship Technologies. With decades of database engineering and design experience, the very first thing we wanted to do with GPT was to hook it up to a database.

With AI/DB we can automate the exchange of information between GPT and our own systems. We can input much larger amounts of data that GPT can accept in any single prompt, store and analyze massive quantities of GPT output, and process large amounts of training data for machine learning. AI/DB also serves a general purpose framework for any future projects we may develop.

DALL-E robot in a tuxedo-1a-UCU Crop

REx/A.I. is not a GPT Plugin, he uses an OpenAI API connection:

Illustration by DALL-E

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