AI for Business
In today's hypercompetitive market you need every advantage you can get.


NN.MDB is a Microsoft Office AI solution developed by Rocketship Technologies in 2004. It’s a Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) built in MS Access. [More]

Rocketship Technologies has been providing neural networks and other AI solutions for over 20 years. Today, we are proud to offer the latest in LLM and Generative AI technologies to our clients.

Integrating AI tools like Generative AI and Large Language Models can improve your customer experience by automating content creation for marketing, streamlining customer interactions and delivering personalized product recommendations. With the ability to understand natural language and industry jargon, these models can help you forge more robust customer connections.

Automated Data-Mining
Our proprietary systems extract data from vast text streams with human-like accuracy. Automated data entry and cross-referencing input copious data, uncover relationships, and connect relevant information. Our systems process gigabytes of documents hourly, revealing hidden correlations.

Expert Systems
Digitize your expertise. Capture your career's knowledge through our Expert Systems. We gather data from field experts, organize it into branching structures called Trees, creating a knowledge Forest. An intuitive browser lets users navigate, gaining insights much like the original experts.

Neural Network Pattern Recognition
Software that learns. Harness the power of Neural Network Simulators. These models mimic biological brains and learn from training and experience. They excel in pattern recognition, classification, prediction, and today even reasoning. Rocketship Technologies tailors Neural Network Simulators to your needs, analyzing complex cause-and-effect relationships within your dataset.

Rocketship Technologies turns data into knowledge, and knowledge into action.

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