Business Process Automation
Even software that’s made for your industry, isn’t made for your business.

We can build an Enterprise System around the way your company already works. You don't have to change your methods, just your software. CustomRocket

Executive Expert-System Database Programming
Your years of experience can be digitized.
Our Expert Systems can take the knowledge that you have acquired over the decades of your career and package it for others.

Litigation Support Services
Complex Litigation means complex data requirements. Fast access to summary evidence is a must.
We have developed both Evidence Management and Argument Management systems for lawsuits ranging from Class Action to small Civil cases.

Medical Informatics Systems
Electronic Medical Recordkeeping and Billing is just the beginning.
Doctors: Case-Based Reasoning and advanced Time-Management systems can make your staff more productive and make you a better physician.

Custom Software/ Retail Software Development.
We can also make software that does … well … anything else.  If a computer can do a thing, Rocketship Technologies Software can make a computer do that thing.  We can make a custom app for you and your employees to use, or even create finished, packaged, retail software that you can sell, or that we can sell for you, and we can even provide post sales service and support as well.

Rocketship Technologies implements a top-down management and executive oriented information solution for your business, which is very different from the bottom-up employee-centric solutions offered by vendors of cash registers and data-entry terminals. This top-down approach is especially well suited for physicians, attorneys and executives.

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